82 - The Complete Miter Saw Workstation, страница 20

82 - The Complete Miter Saw Workstation, страница 20

building the

Building the Fence. You'll get a good overview of the fence setup by looking at Figure 4 again and at Figure 5. What I did was to make all the main fence parts, except for the mounting plate, long enough to simply cut the extension fence from the main fence when it was completed (remember to take into account the saw kerf).

To easily assemble the fence, it's important to follow a specific sequence. I started with the fence core because it determines the width of the rest of the fence parts. You'll want to get this right because the extension bar needs to slide back and forth easily, but not too loosely. Next, I attached the fence back to the fence core, followed by the mounting plate. Once those parts were assembled, I added the fence top and finally the fence face.

Now, cut away the extension fence from the main fence and attach it to the extension bar, as illustrated in Figure 4b. Once that's complete, you can glue the laminate to the face of both the main fence and extension fence. Finally, Figure 4c shows how the entire fence assembly goes together.

Mounting Plate. One of the best features about this workcenter is

and work my way out. It also helps that the inside part — the extension bar — is the simplest to build. Look at Figure 4a to see how it goes together. One thing you'll notice is an aluminum angle running down the length of the bar. It will keep the extension bar straight and true, plus it's the best place for the self-stick measuring tape. Once the extension bar is ready to go, you can turn your attention to what surrounds it — the main fence.

You can't have the ultimate miter saw work-center with just an ordinary fence. This one stays dead-on accurate even while extended out to 8'. And as I said before, the great thing about it is that it's designed to be taken off and put back on in the exact same place on the worksurface every time.

Start Simple. I decided the easiest way to tackle this part of the project was to start from the inside

Tale of the Tape

► Where to Read. The

measurement of longer WOfkpieces will be shown where the extension jbar meets the main fence.

Flip Stop. Placing the flip stop at the edge of the extension fence will determine the measurement of longer workpieces,


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