82 - The Complete Miter Saw Workstation, страница 43

82 - The Complete Miter Saw Workstation, страница 43

These sturdy aluminum bars are hollow and lighten the weight of V^1 the clamp considerably. So you aren't likely to struggle with them while assembling a project — even if the clamps are fairly long. (I like the 48" length for the work I do.)

Like pipe clamps, aluminum bar clamps do have a drawback. They're a little more expensive than pipe clamps — around $90 for a set of four 48"-long clamps. But I think they're worth the money.


There are times when you'll run across a tough clamping job that requires something a little more specialized than bar or pipe clamps. That's when a third set of clamps comes in handy — band clamps, C-clamps, and spring clamps.

Flexibility. Band clamps are a must-have for those assembly tasks where you just can't figure out how to make a "straight" clamp work, like a mitered picture frame.

The band clamp I use (see lower right photo) is nothing more than a long cloth strap that feeds through a metal ratchet assembly. After wrapping the strap around the project, you simply tighten it down with the built-in ratchet.

(4) 48" Aluminum Bar Clamps

of four 2" and two 3" clamps like the ones you ^

see in the photo below. vJ^fi

I use C-clamps any £' time I have to hold metal ^r parts in place for drilling or assembly. You can also use ^ them with wood. Just be sure to protect the surface of any pieces you clamp. The serious pressure you can apply makes it all too easy to put a dent in the surface of your workpiece.

Spring Power. The last clamps to add to the collection are the spring clamps shown below. I reach for a spring clamp whenever I need an extra "hand."

A spring clamp works like a giant clothespin. So, depending on the size of the clamp, the capacity is fairly limited. But don't let that fool you about the amount of pressure a spring clamp can exert on an assembly (I've pinched my lingers enough times to know.)

A spring clamp works great for holding a stop block in place on a fence. Or to keep a small workpiece right where it needs to be until the glue dries. These clamps are inexpensive (about $3 apiece), so "spring" for a set of six 2" clamps when you get the chance.

Summing It Up. Buying clamps can be expensive. But the sets shown here allow you to build your collection over time. As I mentioned, the

(4) 36" Pipe Clamps ")

Long Assembly Set

first two groups each cost $150 -$160. Adding in the specialty clamps will tack on another $100. Overall, ifs a great set of clamps that will handle almost all your \ needs — and on a tab that \ won't break the bank.

Putting on the Squeeze. When I really need a lot of clamping pressure, especially in one spot, C-clamps are my choice. I have a set

Specialty Clamp Set

(6) 2" Spring Clamps

(4) 2" C-Clamps

(2) 3" C-Clamps

(3) Band Clamps


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