84, страница 20

84, страница 20

drawer -boxes are identical

upper front stretcher

trim stile

trim rail

web frame


two cabinet setup shown.


adding storage with a set of

Drawer Cabinets

NOTE: size and install drawer guides after cabinets are installed

- remove upper front stretcher TO install cabinets

web frame

#S x V/z" Fh woodscrew

drawer guide

(%x1%- 22%)

You could leave the base of the workbench open if you'd like, but adding a storage system is one of the best ways to keep all the tools and supplies you'll be using organized and close at hand.

I built a couple cabinets that each hold a set of four drawers, like you see above. Later, the space between the cabinets will be enclosed by a

pair of doors. Or instead, you can add additional drawers by checking out the box at the bottom of the opposite page.

Adding a Drawer Cabinet. The nice thing about the cabinets is that they're identical and consist of only a few modular components: two side panels, four web frames, and some trim pieces (Figure 5).

The sides are just pieces of %" plywood. To cover up the edges, I used a tongue and groove joint to add a solid wood trim piece to the front edge. If you take a close look at Figure 5a, you can see how the trim piece extends past the inside face of the plywood. This provides a solid stop for locating the web frames that are added next.

Alignment Tip

SECOND: using

1sv,6"-tall spacers, attach top web frame

web frame

THIRD: cut

spacers to 129/,e" tall and attach next web frame


cut spacers to 63/16" tall, then attach last web frame


attach bottom web frame to side flush at bottom


web frame back

(% x V/z - 2214)


trim stile

(% x 1 - 23%)

web frame end !4


see page 44 for more on bridle joints


20 ShopNotes No. 84

cabinet side

(24x23%-% Ply.)

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