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Storage Cabinets

A Two Stacked Units. If space is really tight, you can stack the storage units. All you need to do is add a couple of alignment pins.

A Add a Worksurface. Put a little distance between the units and you can have even more worksurface just by placing a benchtop between them.


top section view


front view




uy v. vv



The common theme for all the projects so far has been adding storage space and worksurfaces. And the compact storage units shown in the photo at left are no exception. They provide a handy storage space with an adjustable shelf and a small drawer.

The difference is the small footprint. Each unit takes up just over a square foot of floor space, so you can place them just about anywhere. And since you can get two units out of one sheet of plywood, you can stack them up, as shown in the main photo,

I kept construction pretty simple. Dado joinery keeps things aligned properly, then glue and screws secure the joints. And by adding a solid back to the units, you guarantee they'll be plenty strong and won't rack under a heavy load.

Dado the Sides. After cutting out the pieces, I set up the table saw with a dado blade adjusted to match the thickness of the plywood.

Then all you need to do is cut the rabbet for the top and the dadoes for the drawer divider and bottom shelf, as shown in the drawing below.

The next step is to cut the rabbet for the back along the back edge of each side. The important thing to remember here is that you'll need to make two sets of mirror-image sides. So it's a good idea to mark the right and left pieces to avoid confusion as you make the cuts.

Shelf-Pin Holes. The storage compartment has an adjustable shelf, so now is a good time to drill the holes for the pins. To do this, I used the same method and jig described on page 25.

Assembly. With the holes drilled, you're ready to assemble the cabinet. Start by fastening the top, bottom, and drawer divider in position in the dadoes. An easy way to do this is to first glue the joints and clamp up the entire assembly. Then, after drilling countersunk holes, simply drive in the screws.



(12 x 31)


(11V4 X16)

26 ShopNotes No. 93



#6 x iv4" Fh WOODSCREW

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