Woodworker's Journal 101-Projects-for-Woodworkers, страница 115


the opening, remove any slight ragged edges of mat board with fine sandpaper. The beveled edge may be tinted with a watercolor wash of the picture's accent color, and a neat border line of black, gold, or the accent color can be drawn to Yt" from the window edge using a ruling pen or a fine felt-tip pen.

Figure 3 shows how the components are fitted into the frame. Picture glass should not be a tight fit in the frame rabbet. When all is adjusted to your satisfaction, and well centered, drive two or three retaining brads into each side of the rabbets. Work carefully with a tack hammer to avoid cracking the glass. Better yet, push the brads in with long-nose pliers. When everything

has been secured within the frame, run a thin film of white glue around the back of the frame. While the glue is getting tacky, cut a sheet of brown paper roughly one inch bigger than the frame all around, and sponge one side with enough water to dampen without soaking. Place the paper dry side down on the glued frame and smooth it down, working from the center outward. As the paper dries, it will shrink drum-tight and provide a neat, professional-looking backing for your picture. Trim excess paper from the frame by rubbing fine sandpaper along the edges. This method is much better than trying to trim it with a razor.


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