Woodworker's Journal 101-Projects-for-Woodworkers, страница 12




detail. £5


clamp the entire assembly together. Use as many-clamps as possible; or if you lack clamps, nail another strip to the work surface along the other side of the tray and drive wedges in to draw everything together. Allow to dry overnight before removing the clamps and repeating the process with the other rim. Trim off the excess rim ends flush with the handles, and sand the tops of the rims flush with the handles. Finally, glue two - x X x 4" walnut strips to the tray bottom to serve as feet, and slightly round off all sharp edges of rims and handles with sandpaper.

The most durable finish for such a tray is ure-thane varnish. The open-grain walnut should first be filled with a walnut-tinted filler. Mix a small amount of filler with benzine or turpentine according to the manufacturer's directions, and apply to all surfaces. Allow to dry about 10 minutes and wipe off excess filler with a pad of burlap, wiping across the grain. After 24 hours apply several coats of a clear finish. To avoid a high gloss use low-luster varnish, or rub down with fine steel woo! or pumice after the varnish dries.


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