Woodworker's Journal 101-Projects-for-Woodworkers, страница 15


bites with a chisel and mallet, keeping the leg firmly clamped to the work surface. Use a gouge to shape the curved inside corner.

Eight wing blocks are cut to \% x 1% x 2Y*" with face grain matching that of the legs. Fit each block as shown, holding it squarely against the leg and the rail, and scribe the curve of the leg on the face surface. Number each block and leg as there will be slight variations in the leg curves and each block must be carefully fitted.

Bandsaw the blocks to the scribed line, then hold them in place again and with a pattern mark the curve that continues from the leg. Make the second cut on all eight blocks.

Because of their shape, the blocks are glued in place without clamps, so a hot glue or a quick-setting type is preferred. Apply glue to the block, only on the face that will join the leg. Press the block against the leg and rub it into position. Apply hand pressure for a couple of minutes and


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