Woodworker's Journal 2004-Winter, страница 60


AllProTools.com pg. 15

888-425-5776 www.allprotools.com

A seller of major brand portable power tools for woodworking and industrial applications.

Baker Products pg. 33

573-663-7711 www.baker-online.com

Offers several different models of resaws, portable sawmills and pallet manufacturing equipment.

Briwax pg. 47

800-5-BRIWAX www.briwax.com

Briwax protects, restores and reconditions fine furniture. Available in clear and seven other colors.

CMT USA pg. 33

888-268-2487 www.cmtusa.com

Maker of top quality bits and saw blades and dado blades for over 30 years. The only producer of orange router bits.

Cook's Saw Manufacturing, LLC pg. 19

800-473-4804 www.cookssaw.com

Increase your income with a portable sawmill. Enables you to mill lumber for any purpose.

Country Accents pg. 63

570-478-4127 www.piercedtin.com

Hand-punched and hand-pierced panels of tin, copper or brass, including custom sizing and designs.

Duluth Trading Company pg. 38

877-382-2345 www.duluthtrading.com

Safety and job site protection; storage gear; tool belts, bags and holsters; tools and shop supplies; clothing; more.

Franklin International pgs. 2-3

800-347-4583 www.titebond.com

Titebond® adhesives and the HiPURformer Advanced Bonding system.

Gorilla Glue pg. 19

800-966-3458 www.gorillaglue.com

One hundred percent waterproof glue bonds to wood, stone, metal, ceramic, concrete, etc.

Gross Stabil Corporation pg. 53

517-279-8040 www.grossstabil.com

Specializing in high quality clamps, casters, glides and bases for the furniture industry.

Haddon Tool pg. 63

888-705-1911 www.haddontools.com

Designs chain saw lumbermaking tools for woodworkers and log home builders.

Hitachi Power Tools pg. 7

800-829-4752 www.hitachi.com/powertools

Manufactures, distributes and services a complete line of heavy-duty woodworking tools.

Home Depot pgs. 9 & 83

800-553-3199 www.homedepot.com

World's largest home improvement retailer, with building materials and lawn and garden products.

JET Equipment pg. 5

800-274-6848 www.jettools.com

An industry leader of woodworking machinery, accessories, abrasives, blades, dust collectors and more.

Journeyman Tool pg. 63

920-485-0350 www.beadlock.com

BeadLOCK™ loose tenon joinery system for making mortise and tenon joints with a hand drill.

Kreg Tool Company pg. 47

800-447-8638 www.kregtool.com

Supplies a full line of pocket-hole joinery systems and other woodworking accessories.

Leigh Industries pg. 38

800-663-8932 www.leighjigs.com

Offers a complete line of joinery tools including the Frame Mortise and Tenon Jig.

LRH Enterprises pg. 15

800-423-2544 www.lrhent.com

Supplies custom, made-to-order cutters and bits for detailing. MAGIC Molder offers versatility to pro and home shops.

Mantis pg. 13

800-366-6268 www.mantisgardentools.com

Manufactures lightweight garden tillers, attachments and other gardening hand tools.

Osborne Wood Products pg. 53

800-849-8876 www.osbornewood.com

Hardwood custom wood parts; specializing in white pine but also available in maple, oak, cherry and other.

Palmgren pg. 19

800-621-6145 www.palmgren.com

Sells machine shop and general purpose products and a new line of professional woodworking tools.

Prox-Tech, Inc. pg. 70

877-PROXXON www.proxxon.com

German-engineered PROXXON woodworking tools, lathes and milling systems.

Rockler Woodworking & Hardware p. 22-23

800-279-4441 www.rockler.com

Premier supplier of hardware, tools, lumber, plans and supplies. Many unique proprietary products.

Shopsmith, Inc. pg. 63

800-543-7586 www.shopsmith.com

Multi-purpose woodworking machines and other tools and accessories.

Simp'l Products pg. 53

914-662-2820 www.woodjigs.com

Makers of easy-to-use, economical jigs for sawing and joint-making.

Wilton pg. 11

800-274-6848 www.wiltoncorp.com

Offers a line of benchtop power tools, woodworking hand tools and metalworking tools, as well as Multi-Grip clamps.

Woodpeckers, Inc. pgs. 33, 38 & 63

800-752-0725 www.woodpeck.com

Vendor of Incra jigs and products; also manufacture lifts for a variety of routers; plus router tables, stands and cabinets.

Woodworker's Journal pg. 70

800-765-4119 www.woodworkersjournal.com

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