Creative Woodworks & crafts 2005-11, страница 61

Creative Woodworks & crafts 2005-11, страница 61

Transfer fhe upper lines of the top fins onto a piece of light poplar. Set the body of fhe fish onto the poplar where the fins will fit the body and, using a sharp pencil, trace along the body. This will give you a more accurate cut line.


Trace the pattern onto freeing paper. This will allow you to see the wood more clearly when selecting the grain. Start by cutting and fitting fhe body parts. The upper part of the body is cut from dark poplar, and the center pieces are light poplar. The dark center section was cut from walnut. The bottom section of fhe fish is aspen. Once you are sure of a good fit, glue fhe pieces together and let dry.

Cut the face pieces from light poplar, aspen, and purple-heart, referring to fhe photo and pattern for placement. Cut fhe outer part of the mouth from dark poplar and the inner part from aspen.

Drill a hole where indicated on the pattern to fit the 14mm-Dia. eye. Set the glass eye in place, but do not glue it in.

In fhe same manner, trace and cut fhe pieces for the bottom fins from light poplar.

Once the body is rounded, round the face ana gills. Round the top and bottom fins. Cut the two fins on the side of the body from 1/4"-thick poplar. Sand fhe edge of the fin that will be glued to the body at a slight angle to give it an angled lift, and then sand around the cuter edges to make the fin appear thinner. After all sections of fhe fish have been sanded and fit to your liking, finish sand them using a 3-D sander with 150-grit sandpaper, gradually working through 240-, 400- and lOOO grit paper and finally a buffing pad. Glue all pieces together and set aside.

Trace and cut the small fish from 1 /2'-thick poplar.

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Start rounding the body section using the spindle sander.

Lift the face, gills, and outer part of fhe mouth I /4".

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