Popular Woodworking 2006-02 № 153, страница 55

Popular Woodworking 2006-02 № 153, страница 55

On A Table Saw?


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With Freud's NEW SB0X8 Box Joint Cutter Set

Freud SBOX8 Box Joint Cutter Set

A Non-Freud

Standard Dado Cutter

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Install blades back to back for 1/4" box joints

Freud's engineers have done it again. They have invented a new cutter set that provides a simple and accurate way to cut perfectly square, chip-free, flat-bottom box joints, without shims or awkward adjustments.

Square Box Joints Every Time

A precision box joint is ideal for drawers, jewelry boxes, humidors and other projects where strength and appearance are critical. In the past, creating box joints usually required a dado set, router bit, or several cuts with a single flat-top saw blade, which are all time consuming, expensive and don't guarantee flawless results. Freud's new Box Joint Cutter Set features a unique tooth rake design that cuts perfectly square, clean pins and slots through the end grain. Plus, Freud's unique TiCo™ Hi-Density Carbide was developed and manufactured by Freud specifically for the box joint application ensuring a perfect finish and extra long cutting life.

Fast, Easy Set-up

Simply install the 8" diameter, 5/8" arbor blades on your table saw back to back for 1/4" box joints, or face to face for 3/8" box joints. Follow the instructions included to build a jig to use with your table saw's miter gauge for completing finished joints. Just cut, flip, glue and clamp and you're done...it's that easy.

Choose the ONLY table saw box joint set on the market today—choose Freud. Whether you're a woodworking enthusiast or full-time professional, Freud's new Box Joint Cutter Set is the fast, easy, accurate solution.

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Install blades face to face for 3/8" box joints

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