19 - Clamp Storage System, страница 20

19 - Clamp Storage System, страница 20




damp Marks. A common problem with pipe clamps is it's all too easy to apply too much pressure and crush the workpiece.

Plastic Padding. One way to

pad the jaws of a pipe clamp is to dip them in Plasti Dip (available at most hardware stores).

Wood Padding. Another simple way to pad the jaws is to attach a small piece of Masonite (or scrap wood) with carpet tape.

Preventing Stains

Clamp Pads

Pipe Clamp Tips


The secret to using pipe clamps is to plan ahead. Here's a collection of our favorite tips that will solve the most common problems you're likely to encounter.

Stained Wood. Pipe clamps can discolor a glued-up panel when the iron in the pipe comes in contact with the wet glue.

Masking Tape. The quickest and easiest way to prevent discoloration is to isolate the pipe from the wood with masking tape.

Inner tubes. A more permanent solution to preventing stains is to slide lengths of bicycle tire inner tubing over the pipe.

masking tape

pip jaws in plasti pip



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