44 - Grinding Station, страница 16

44 - Grinding Station, страница 16

getting covered with gunk. But that's okay. The exposed surfaces are covered with plastic laminate, see photo above. So a damp cloth is all it takes to clean it up.

A clean, well-lit work area is one thing. But there's more to this grinding station than that. To get a handle on the clutter that accumulates around a grinder, it has several types of storage.

storage. Grinding wheels and sharpening supplies are stored in a drawer under the table, see photo A at left. And a narrow shelf up above holds small items that often get in the way. There's even a sliding tray that provides a temporary place to put tools you're working on, see photo B.

cup. Finally, there's one more thing about this grinding station that's just plain fun — a shop-made plastic cup that's used to quench a hot chisel or plane iron.

Sometimes a grinder is like a naughty kid — it ends up getting stuck in a corner.

More often than not, it's a dimly lit area that makes it hard to see when you're sharpening. And it's usually dirty and gritty from years of messy grinding jobs.

A. Full-Extension Drawer. To provide easy access to accessories, the drawer in this grinding station is mounted on full-extension drawer slides.

But this wall-mounted grinding station improves things considerably. In addition to providing a sturdy platform for a grinder, it has a long, flexible lamp that shines light right where it's needed.

plastic laminate. Of course, there's nothing to keep it from

B. Sliding Tray. A tray slides out of either side of the station to hold the tools you're working on.

This versatile wall-mounted unit provides a complete workstation for your grinder.



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