84, страница 16

84, страница 16

This workbench

has it all — classic f|

looks, plenty of ff storage, plus a top and

vises able to handle the ^

most demanding tasks. ■

classic cabinet-base

Just about every woodworker I know would like to build a workbench like the one shown above. But a lot of them might be a little intimidated about building what looks like a complicated project. But you don't have to worry — this design features simple solutions that make building the bench manageable.

For starters, the workbench consists of a number of easy-to-build components that join together to form a solid foundation. As for the cabinets and drawers, they

simply slip into place. Since they don't provide any support for the top, you can add them at any time. Speaking of the top, it's not a mass of strips that can be hard to glue up and then flatten. Instead, the top is just a few thick boards wrapped with a wide apron.

Finally, adding a pair of traditional vises along with square bench dog holes doesn't have to be a challenge. There's a handy jig to help with the dog holes and step-by-step instructions make installing the vises a snap.


ShopNotes No. 84

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