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By placing the plank on one of the lower stretchers of the sawhorses, you can use it as a platform when you need to reach the high spots.

adjustable worksurface and


There are plenty of good reasons why every shop should have a pair of sawhorses. They provide a stable platform for cutting boards to length; they'll hold a full sheet of plywood for cutting out pieces; and they're lightweight and portable enough to use anywhere.

In addition to these traditional roles, this design also includes a strong worksurface (cut from the same sheet of plywood), to span the horses. And the extra-sturdy stretchers can be used like a small

scaffold to hold the platform in position at different levels.

Tapered Sides. A good sawhorse should have strong, stable legs, or in this case, side pieces to prevent tipping. So I began by laying out and cutting one of the sides. This way, I could use it as a template for the remaining three pieces. To make the tapered cuts, I used a circular saw guided by a straight-edge clamped in place. Then after cut

ting the round cutout at the bottom, with a jig saw, I just sanded the edges smooth. With one side complete, all you need to do is rough cut the other pieces and use a flush-trim bit in your router to make duplicate side pieces.

After cutting out and cleaning up all the sides, I clamped each

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