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Lumber Rack

One of the challenges in any shop is finding a good place to store the lumber for your woodworking projects. It's all too easy to stack boards on the floor or lean them against a wall. But that often leads to moisture damage and bowing.

A better solution is to build a lumber rack like the one you see in the photo at left. It holds plenty of wood and, more importantly, keeps it flat and dry.

The rack consists of three vertical assemblies, with five lumber supports on each. These assemblies hang on cleats attached to studs in your shop wall. A short dowel placed in the cleats prevents the vertical assemblies from moving, as shown in the inset photo below.

Start with the Supports. The first step in building the rack is to cut out the lumber supports (Figure 1). Then you can use a shop-built tapering jig to make the angled cut on the bottom of each piece. To find out more about this jig and how to makes these cuts, see the box on the opposite page.

22 ShopNotes No. 93

Alignment Pin. A short length of dowel in the cleats keeps the hanging vertical supports in position.


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