Woodworker's Journal 101-Projects-for-Woodworkers, страница 214


Crocodile Pull Toy

Maybe this fellow doesn't cry crocodile tears, but he does act remarkably lifelike, rolling along snapping his great front jaw and wiggling that long tail. No matter how fierce his cousins may be, his big smile assures everyone that he's strictly warm and friendly.

Start with the body. Enlarge the grid pattern on cardboard, then transfer the profile to a piece of %" maple or pine and cut to shape. Also cut out the upper jaw along the dotted line shown. Later this cutout will be sandwiched between two pieces of W plywood to form the upper-jaw assembly.

Next, the table saw is used to split the tail lengthwise. Set the saw blade to a depth of about 2Yt" and adjust the fence so that it cuts the tail exactly down the middle. Feed the tail into the blade and stop the cut at the point where the tail ends and the body begins. Now, draw vertical lines to divide the tail into about nine equal parts (each about long) and cut to length. Bevel the outside corners of each segment.

Trace the tail pattern on a piece of heavy cloth or, as we did, use an old pair of blue jeans. Be sure to leave a piece long enough to fit into the section cut from the body. Since the cloth should not show, retrace the entire pattern freehand, but make it about smaller in size. Cut out the smaller profile with a pair of sharp scissors.

Lay out the tail pieces in sequence, then apply a thin coat of glue to the inside surfaces and clamp firmly to the cloth. Allow to dry.

The upper-jaw cutout is glued between two pieces of plywood, which are cut to the profile shown as a solid line on the grid pattern. The jaw hinges at the eye on a YS dowel. A hole in the body allows room for smooth hinge action.

Trim the excess cloth on the tail to fit the saw cut in the body. Apply plenty of glue to the cloth, then assemble the clamp overnight. Use a 2" hole saw to cul four wheels from J4" stock. Cut two ellipses from X" plywood and glue them to the inside of the two front wheels. Now drill Y*"-diamcter holes at the center of all four wheels. After drilling holes in the front and back of the body, glue and assemble the wheels to axles made from Yt"-diameter dowel stock. Make sure the ovals are in alignment so they make contact with the jaw at the same time.

Give the entire toy a thorough sanding and finish with two coats of penetrating oil finish. The pull string is glued into a small hole in the front jaw.


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